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Secure exchange rates today without anything to pay upfront, and use them for future invoices.

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Five stars

"The last order has saved me 7% as the Pound collapsed. If it hadn't been for this pre-booking, I'd have had to raise my prices in the shop…”


Easy & affordable

No security deposit required

Pre-booking currency with our platform couldn't be easier. You won't need to compromise your current cash to pre-book foreign exchange on our platform. Simply book it and use it for your future payables.

If you book it with our unique FLEX feature and the exchange rates are better when your payments are due, you can convert at a better rate!

Foreign cashflows for small business

HedgeFlows - a smart, simple way to tackle currency costs

Almost every large business proactively manages its international cashflows. Although this usually sounds complicated and costly for smaller businesses, it doesn't need to be.  We've reimagined how small finance teams can remove their currency risks without having to become financial wizards.

Without HedgeFlows, very few small businesses can remove currency risks. With us, 70% of them proactively remove unwanted currency effects from their finances.

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Do you manage currency risks ?

Small businesses with HedgeFlows
Small businesses without HedgeFlows
Large corporations

Flexible pricing plans

Our plans are also easy to use: Try any plan for free. Switch monthly up or down. Cancel any time.

Smart business account

A multi-currency account that makes foreign simple & fair for small businesses

per month

Payment automation

Helps small finance teams automate their currency payments and reconciliations

per month

Risk & cost analytics

Currency toolkit to manage foreign cashflows and international costs

per month

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