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Cross-border cashflows platform that scales with your business

From paying your employees and contractors across the globe to forecasting you cashflows and investments in foreign currencies - financial planning can quickly become complicated and not necessarily something you expected to have to know for when you started your business.

HedgeFlows is more that just an online platform for currency management, we are a team of experienced finance professionals who have helped shaping FX risk-management best practices for several hundreds of blue chip corporates.

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For small businesses that think BIG

You don't need to become a big business to get the best currency solutions - with HedgeFlows you can access simple, innovative products that help any small business to manage their currency payments. You may want to know the best practices of planning currency cashflows as you grow internationally and become big.

Our solutions - refreshingly new, backed by experience

We use our multi-decade experience in financial markets and banking to design solutions built with high-growth businesses in mind. They are refreshingly easy to use, improve you cashflow planning, and reduce working capital drain.

We help startups grow safely beyond borders

A member of Oxford Elevate, our team helps other startups to balance strategic growth ambitions with minding financial risks arising from currency cashflows. Whatever currency cashflow question your venture is looking to solve, chances are we have seen something similar and may be able to help.

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