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Case Study

JBM Freight

How the right payment technology helped launch logistics at the peak of the pandemic

Five stars

"Being able to pull the invoices and just pay them directly with HedgeFlows is great. It's not a challenge anymore. Feeding [invoices] back to Xero; I didn't know that was even a challenge and now you guys do it for me!".

Alice, co-founder
The company

Customers, at the heart of everything

JBM Freight is a Manchester-based freight forwarder that opened its doors at the peak of the pandemic, in early 2020.

The founders Ben and Alice have a strong vision - to provide customers with great service and leverage technology to make it efficient. They aim one day to become the biggest non-asset freight-forwarder in the UK.

The problem

Building a business during a pandemic


Alice, co-founder of JBM

"We launched a business at the start of a pandemic, but were also hit with the impacts of Brexit, price increases for sea freight and containers, driver shortages and now the currency going crazy! It's been an enlightening journey, and we've had to learn quickly!"

The solution

The right technology

JBM’s smart technology choices are what helped them deliver on their vision so far.  Expensive desktop-based software solutions, that their larger competitors can rely on, were out of reach for JBM when they started.  So they used a government grant to invest in a freight software solution initially and then turned to cloud-based software where they could - Xero for their accounting and HedgeFlows for payments.

Cloud-based software such as HedgeFlows and Xero integrate well and give the team the most up-to-date information across systems.





The impact

Saving time & money to do what matters


“Having it all - integrated, easy to use. It's just been a dream. Really. The HedgeFlows tech is easy to read.  It's transparent. It explains what it's going to do. I can physically see what you've helped me with - being able to pull the invoices and just pay them directly with HedgeFlows. It's great. It's not a challenge anymore... Feed [invoices] back to Xero... I didn't know that was even a challenge and now you guys do it for me!"


Alice is also clear about how she spends the time that her team saves thanks to this technology - to meet and get to know more customers: "Being more proactive. Going out to see the customers... Asking them what they need from us? When we're going out to get customers, it's very "in person”…"