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Effortless Xero bulk payments in 35 currencies

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Five stars

"streamlining a very manual process"

Five stars

"makes the harder parts feel easy"

Five stars

"pleasing on the eye and incredibly easy to use"

Payment runs in Xero

Save time with Bulk payments and reconciliations

Paying numerous invoices in foreign currencies can be challenging in Xero. HedgeFlows is the simplest way to process Xero batch payments in any currency, create foreign currency payment runs, with or without an approval process, fund it easily from your bank account, and automatically mark invoices as paid in your multi-currency Xero account.

No More double entries. 
No Need for Payment Files.
No room for Manual errorS.
No extra training.
Xero international payments table


Foreign currency dashboard
Cost savings for xero users

Control costs of your foreign payments

Banks and other providers overcharge growing businesses such as Xero users for foreign payment and conversions. We help you compete internationally and manage international finances better. Our platform is a uniquely simple, effective way for small businesses to reduce currency costs and improve cash visibility and planning in any currency.

Turn any future foreign invoice into YOUR Currency today.
Avoid foreign currency swings and surprise costs.
SAVE UP TO 80% on Foreign payment and currency fees
Get better visibility of your cash and PAYMENT needs in any currency


per month

Our subscription includes a free monthly allowance for local payments in GBP, USD and EUR.

Exchange Rate

Pay just 0.25% markup above the interbank exchange rate. Without any surprises. 

up to
Time savings

Our clients save up to 80% of their time spent on payment runs when they use HedgeFlows.

Getting started

3 minutes away

From transforming how you manage bulk payments & cashflows in Xero:



Sign up for free using your email address at


Connect your accounting system

Optionally, connect your accounting system to get the most out of HedgeFlows.



Register your business to start managing foreign finances with HedgeFlows.


Discover how Xero's intuitive system seamlessly integrate with HedgeFlows.

Find out how simple it is to process payments and invoices in multiple currencies using HedgeFlows.

If you'd like to see a personalised demo or start giving it a go, you can book some time to speak to us or sign up for a free trial.


  • After starting to use Hedgeflows recently we have not only saved a HUGE amount of time and effort but also created a super slick process that has literally changed the way we do international payment runs forever!
    Chris Standeven
    FirstPoint Logistics
  • Managing FX and payments is always tricky but HedgeFlows really helps. The team is very happy to help get things right and is clearly putting the customer at the centre of the app. Definitely a key part of the Xero tech stack.
    Geoff Deane
  • Hedgeflow has made our weekly payment runs far quicker and easier, and is a great workaround to Xero's restrictions on only creating payment runs for GBP.
    Chris Morris
    Signify Technologies
  • Very pleased with HedgeFlows so far. It makes paying invoices, even in bulk so simple and their exchange rates are a lot better than my bank.
    Inna Fikh
  • Hedgeflows have integrated very easily with our day-to-day running of the business.
    Alice Hobson
    JBM Freight Services
  • The platform is straightforward, efficient and more cost-effective than any previous payment method we have used.
    MD, Buzzflyer
  • We have a few clients using HedgeFlows and were really impressed with the platform. Easy to set up, way better than the online banking alternatives and with lower fees too!
    Sue Lang
    The Accounts Department NE

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"Being able to pull the invoices and just pay them directly with HedgeFlows is great. It's not a challenge anymore. Feeding [invoices] back to Xero; I didn't know that was even a challenge and now you guys do it for me!".


About Xero

Xero is the world-leading online accounting software built for small businesses.

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  • Reconcile in seconds. Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions. Just click ok to reconcile.

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Got a question? Here are some popular ones:

Can I pay my foreign invoices from Xero in bulk?

Indeed, HedgeFlows makes paying invoices from Xero easy and faultless.  Once invoices are approved in Xero they will appear in your HedgeFlows account integrated with Xero, and you can simply choose the list of invoices you wish to pay.  You can fund your payment run from your trusted bank account, and we automatically process currency conversions, make correct transfers, send remittance emails and reconcile back to Xero for you!

Do you have an approval process for payments?

Yes, HedgeFlows offers a customisable approval process with individual roles and limits to support your payment run needs.

I have an accountant, can we use HedgeFlows?

Of course, we are working with the leading accountancy practices in the UK already and are helping make foreign currencies simpler for thousands of small businesses in the country.  You keep control of the validation of foreign payments, while your accountant takes care of processing the invoices, cash management, and accounting tasks.

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