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Case Study

Signify Technology

Increasing the efficiency of a global staffing agency

Five stars

"HedgeFlows was not the first software we looked at, but it was the one that appears to be the most efficient compared to its competitors as well as more reasonably priced."

Chris Morris - Finance Department
The company

Making global connections in functional programming

Signify Technology is a hub for the functional programming community, connecting software engineers to the best companies globally. As an international business, committed to providing recruitment solutions to the world’s leading brands, Signify Technology faces the challenge of managing diverse international payments.

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The problem

Manual error and the cost of inefficiency

chris morris

Chris Morris, Finance

Before HedgeFlows, Signify Technology entered their payments manually, an inefficient process that resulted in human error and unnecessary costs.

Their bank did not offer any automation services appropriate for international payments, causing the company to fall behind on other tasks as they had to dedicate a disproportionate amount of time to posting payments.


streamlining the payment process

Increased efficiency

“HedgeFlows has significantly helped us with our continued goal of increasing efficiency within the Finance Department by streamlining our payment run process, not only saving us a large amount of time each week but also saving us in bank fees."

"It also removes a lot of the potential for human error as the majority of the work is done via its link to our accounting software."


"Lastly, as we continue to grow as a company the system will be able to scale with us so we can confidently continue to grow our markets, happy with the knowledge that our payroll needs are met.”







SAVING TIME & MONEY TO empower growth

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Enhanced Team Efficiency
Since switching to HedgeFlows, Signify Technology has been able to automate and optimise its international payments. The HedgeFlows tiered access system integrates well with their team setup and the weekly task of paying international contractors has been reduced from 3 hours to 20 minutes.



As Signify Technology continues to operate globally, HedgeFlows gives them the confidence to scale up without compromising on payment accuracy or client satisfaction.