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Protect your business from expensive mistakes and payment fraud

Validate recipient name and account details for bank accounts in the UK, Europe, US, India and other countries.

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Bank account validation

Prevent fraud and errors

Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud is a business pandemic. Every year, thousands of finance teams are tricked into sending money to criminals using either stolen or invented identities. Our unique bank account validation for accounts around the world helps eliminate the risk of payment fraud and manual errors.

Confirmation OF PAYEE
Our solutions

Other solutions for global payments:

Seamless vendor payments

Make vendor payments anywhere - accurately and in real-time

HedgeFlows is the simplest and fastest way to process vendor payments in any currency. Simply choose the invoices you need to pay, schedule your payments, and tell us how you want to fund them.

We automatically apply payments to your vendor invoices, buy the exact amount of foreign currencies if needed, calculate any FX gains and losses, and accurately post everything to your ledgers in real time.

No More time-sapping BANK TEMPLATES. 
No More clunky BACS FILES.
No more waiting for BANK FEEDs.
Xero international payments table
Multi-currency, multi-bank cash management

Plan and manage cash in real-time

Unlock real-time visibility and add more value to your business with better cash management and planning. Easily plan your cashflows, avoid unwanted surprises and focus on strategic tasks instead.

forecast Cashflows in 30 currencies
per month

Subscription includes 100 free local payments in GBP, USD and EUR.

Exchange Rate

Pay just 0.25% markup above the interbank exchange rate. Without any surprises. 

up to
Time savings

Our clients save up to 80% of their time spent on payment runs when they use HedgeFlows.

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    Got a question? Here are some popular ones:

    What invoices can I pay via Hedgeflows?

    HedgeFlows makes paying domestic or international invoices from systems such as Xero, NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics Business Central easy and faultless.  Once vendor invoices are authorised in your system, they appear in HedgeFlows, and you can simply choose the list of invoices you wish to pay.  You can fund your payment run from your trusted bank account, and we automatically process any optional currency conversions, make correct transfers, send remittance emails and reconcile back to General Ledger for you!

    Do you have an approval process for payments?

    Yes, HedgeFlows offers a customisable approval process with individual roles and limits to support your payment run needs.

    I have an external accountant, can they use HedgeFlows?

    Of course, we are working with the leading accountancy practices in the UK already and are helping make foreign currencies simpler for thousands of small businesses in the country.  You keep control of the validation of foreign payments, while your accountant takes care of processing the invoices, cash management, and accounting tasks.

    Why is it safe to use HedgeFlows?

    Unlike many other payment automation software vendors, HedgeFlows is independently regulated by the FCA as a payment institution (FRN 935021). This means that we adhere to the highest standards in safeguarding clients' data and funds, aligning with the stringent protocols by which all banks and top fintech firms in the UK are regulated.

    Your client access is secure using the latest Strong Customer Authentication technologies, and our advanced role-based access controls help you easily assign team members the necessary access rights.

    All client funds are segregated from HedgeFlows' operational accounts and safeguarded with authorised credit institutions (banks)—meaning they are held separately and can only be used as instructed by our clients.

    Are payment runs made straight from my bank account?

    HedgeFlows offers a range of solutions to process your payments.  If your bank supports Open Banking services, you can rely on our robust payment initiation technology to make vendor payments straight from your bank by preparing your payment runs in HedgeFlows and securely authorising via Open Banking. 

    Otherwise, you can also rely on our industry-leading payment infrastructure to process payments via your multi-currency payment accounts with HedgeFlows and simply fund them with a single transfer from your bank.

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