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Implement sound currency management

With the help of our experts, even if you have never done it before

Experienced CFOs and Treasurers don’t waste time on timing FX markets.
They focus on clear expectations and robust processes instead.

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Our 8-week training course

Learn practical steps with the help of experts

Set clear objectives and steer your business through turbulent currency markets

Join our 8-week coaching programme to implement currency management processes that are the right fit for your business and earn the trust of key stakeholders.

1. How can foreign currencies impact my business?

Understand frequent ways that currencies can impact any business.

2. How can I manage currency costs?

How to monitor and avoid unnecessary currency costs when buying, selling or employing overseas.

3. How to monitor FX risks?

Get timely visibility of your future currency costs & risks.

4. How to set our FX hedging goals?

Set objectives and principles of the most popular FX hedging strategies.

5. Where can I get data from for my hedging decisions?

How to identify and quantify potential impacts and risks with data from NetSuite, MS Dynamics, Xero or other popular systems and sources.

6. What should our hedging policy include?

Go through the must-have steps to create an FX hedging programme.

7. How to account for hedging?

Learn to account for currency effect on your business and hedging transactions

Expert Team

Leading financial risk management for 25 years

Neh Thaker and Alex Axentiev

After helping the world's largest banks and multinational corporations manage their financial risks since the 90s, we started HedgeFlows in 2020 because we were struck by how little everyone but the largest corporations could get from banks and software vendors in order to manage international finances with ease and confidence. As a result, the majority of businesses end up wasting money in myriad ways when they try and grow internationally.

Having built cutting-edge automation and currency management tools for such businesses, we also help small finance teams learn how to set the right goals, automate processes and constantly adapt how they manage finances as their businesses scale.

Free guides and videos

Example: How to make cashflow hedging simple


Impress senior management and the board with your deep understanding of treasury and risk management. Enhance your professional image and command respect as a strategic thought leader driving financial success.

Finance Manager at work
Practical advice for risk & treasury automation


Learn how to streamline tasks with integrations and analytical tools, freeing up time for data-driven insights and strategic initiatives. Be proactive, visionary, and drive transformative change within your organisation's practices.

Currency Costs & Risks


Access a wealth of treasury and risk management expertise to transform your role from Finance Executive to visionary leader. Discover best practices, stay ahead of trends, and drive meaningful change within your organisation.

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