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Learn how to manage currency costs and risks

Online training modules, quizzes and practical help from experts who helped Apple, Google and many others manage their risks

Online training course

Learn fundamentals and best practices of FX management

Practical guides about Balance sheet hedging, Cashflow hedging, Structured FX products, managing Emerging market currencies, and Hedge Accounting delivered straight to your mailbox.

1. How can foreign currencies impact my business?

Understand frequent ways that currencies can impact any business.

2. How can I manage currency costs?

How to monitor and avoid unnecessary currency costs when buying, selling or employing overseas.

3. How to monitor FX risks?

Get timely visibility of your future currency costs & risks.

4. How to set our FX hedging goals?

Set objectives and principles of the most popular FX hedging strategies.

5. Where can I get data from for my hedging decisions?

How to identify and quantify potential impacts and risks with data from NetSuite, MS Dynamics, Xero or other popular systems and sources.

6. What should our hedging policy include?

Go through the must-have steps to create an FX hedging programme.

7. How to account for hedging?

Learn to account for currency effect on your business and hedging transactions

Prepared by Experts

Backed by 25 years of leading financial risk management

✔️ Led global trading desks and even financial markets divisions of large banks
✔️ Helped 100s of corporations and smaller businesses manage their risks
✔️ Former board members of industry leadership bodies such as:

  • Financial Markets Stability Board (FMSB) Markets Standards
  • International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA)
  • Global Financial Markets Association (GFMA) Global Foreign Exchange Division
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    Learn about Foreign exchange markets

    15-minute course

    Foreign exchange 101

    What is an FX transaction? How do FX markets work? What are different types of currencies and what moves them? Where do FX Gains & Losses really come from?

    TMI  FX Markets 101 (1)
    15-minute course

    FX markets and financial instruments

    Where do FX prices come from? What are the different types of FX instruments? How can you access FX markets depending on your business size?

    FX markets and financial instruments
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    15-minute course

    Paying overseas for a growing business

    Key areas to consider when you frequently pay suppliers or employees overseas: From wrong payment methods, hidden FX costs, slow and error-prone manual processes and fraud risks.

    15-minute course

    FX management for growing businesses

    Why and how to manage currencies and avoid surprise FX losses? Learn a structured approach to identifying and quantifying risks and managing them.

    Currency management for growing businesses (1)
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    Impress senior management and the board with your deep understanding of treasury and risk management. Enhance your professional image and command respect as a strategic thought leader driving financial success.

    Finance Manager at work
    Practical advice for risk & treasury automation


    Learn how to streamline tasks with integrations and analytical tools, freeing up time for data-driven insights and strategic initiatives. Be proactive, visionary, and drive transformative change within your organisation's practices.

    Currency Costs & Risks


    Access a wealth of treasury and risk management expertise to transform your role from Finance Executive to visionary leader. Discover best practices, stay ahead of trends, and drive meaningful change within your organisation.

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