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Multi-currency payment runs.

Connect your accounting system and manage all your domestic & foreign payables easily in one go.
No more reconciliations and manual errors.

Five stars

"integrated very easily with our day to day"

Five stars

"provides a system like no other"

Five stars

"makes the harder parts feel easy"

Fast and easy payments

Payment runs in 30 currencies with your ERP or accounting system

Bulk payments are a chore that few people enjoy, especially in foreign currencies.  We have built easy and robust workflows that work with your system and save time and money on approving, paying and reconciling domestic and foreign invoices and other payables.

✔️ Guaranteed FX rates

✔️ Fast local & global payments

✔️ No or low payment fees

✔️ Easy approval flows

✔️ Payment fraud alerts

✔️ Two-way API sync

✔️ User roles & controls

✔️ Auto-reconciliation to GL

✔️ Auditable trail

Xero Certified App
Sage Integration
Microsoft business dynamics 365 Business Central
Quickbooks Integration
Netsuite Integration
How it works

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Batch payments to make your process easy and robust

Whether it is a two-way system integration or a file upload - we can save you time and money with our bulk approval and payment processes.

Live sync with your accounting to save time

Configure how you want to sync your activity between HedgeFlows and your accounting system.  Once integrated, simply choose the invoices you wish to pay, and our system does the math for you, telling you the exact amount in your home currency that your transfers in multiple foreign currencies cost you.

Approval process to enhance your payment runs

Eliminate the risks of manual errors and fraud by adding an easy, effective approval process for your payment runs.

Competitive FX and payment fees to save money

At HedgeFlows we work hard to get you competitive exchange rates and cost-effective payment options.  We are upfront about our fees and also give you tools to review costs for your foreign cashflows - for your transactions with other providers or ourselves.

Foreign bulk payments table


Using bulk payments saves time on repetitive tasks as our technology helps you reuse, enhance, verify, and validate data. No more double-entries, copy-pasting, and double-checking.


Foreign payments are prone to manual errors. Integrated approval and payment run processes can significantly decrease the frequency of errors, reduce stress, and save time.


Our integrations help you find the right data when and where you need it. Import data from your accounting system, check IBANs and BIC Codes, and let us sync the results to your systems.
Other solutions

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Save up to 80% on international transfers

Fairness and transparency breed trust, which is, in turn, essential for both global trade and financial services.  Even our smallest clients benefit from low FX conversion fees ranging between 0.25% and 0.40%.  Everyone also gets the same transparency as we pass through other costs from our wholesale providers (such as SWIFT fees and pre-booking costs) - to help you make informed decisions. It is only fair.

Control your foreign currency costs like a pro

It is simple to control your currency costs with HedgeFlows historical cost analyzer.  Or avoid surprise costs from your future foreign invoices. Just like you book a hotel or an Uber, simply fix guaranteed exchange rates when they work for you and protect your future margins from surprise currency costs.

Personalised help from our experts

Our platform is so easy to use that you won't need to speak to us most of the time. But when you do, our experts are here to help - online or on the phone. Our clients get our help on a variety of topics:

  • Learning about foreign exchange risk management
  • Optimising cross-border payment costs
  • Streamlining their financial processes
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