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Toolkit for foreign cashflows and payments

Easy finance processes in 30 currencies

Empowered by data

Streamline payments, reconciliations and cashflow management in 30 currencies

Connect HedgeFlows to your cloud-accounting system and automate payment runs, reconciliations and management reports for up to 30 currencies, leveraging the data your clients already have.

Our system ensures error-prone processes and auditable trails and gives you the right reports in seconds so that you and your team don't have to do it manually for hours.

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Management reports & analytics

Offer intelligent, timely insights into their costs and risks

Provide your customers with an easy-to-follow performance and benchmarking analysis for their foreign currency and payments management. Identify areas for improvement and demonstrate and quantify potential benefits, backed by customer-specific data.

HedgeFlows for accountants and Financial directors

Guide your clients to safer international growth

Empower your clients to compete internationally, managing currencies better than their larger peers but at a fraction of the costs. HedgeFlows is a uniquely simple, effective way to improve cashflow visibility in any currency for a business of any size.

Unparalleled practical know-how

Leverage our risk-management expertise

We have run financial markets divisions in major international banks, advised 100s of corporate and institutional clients about their financial risks. Our clients can leverage our cutting-edge technology and also lean on our expertise for extra help.


Sync and reconcile with your accounting software

Simple to set up, our accounting integrations unlock the power and simplicity of foreign bulk payments and reconciliations.
Rated 5 stars in the Xero app marketplace HedgeFlows is the best option if you need to make numerous currency payments on a frequent basis.

Xero Certified App
Sage Integration
Microsoft business dynamics 365 Business Central
Quickbooks Integration
Netsuite Integration

Benefits for your clients

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Boost to profits

Turn any future contract or cashflow back to one’s home currency with a simple click

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Time savings

Remove double-entries, reconciliations and manual errors for any foreign transaction

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Extra growth

Safely grow and trade in any currency without fluctuations in profits and cashflows

Flexible pricing plans

Our plans are also easy to use: Try any plan for free. Switch monthly up or down. Cancel any time.


Simple, flexible plan for currency planning and payments


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Payment automation

Helps small finance teams automate their currency payments and reconciliations


FX management

Currency management toolkit to manage foreign cashflows and international costs


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HedgeFlows for Accountants

Psst... It's coming on 31/10/22

Partner programme and dedicated module for accounting practices and part-time FDs

Our Partner programme is coming soon:

  • Free and subscription-based tiers
  • Training for accountants
  • Discounts on user subscription packages

And so is your dedicated toolkit:

We are working hard with UK's most forward-looking accountants on dedicated tools for accounting practices and FDs.

Explore HedgeFlows for business or join our waitlist to be among the first to try a new opportunity to help your clients.


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