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Help your clients trade safely and grow internationally

HedgeFlows for accountants and Financial directors

Guide your clients to safer international growth

Empower your clients to compete internationally, managing currencies better than their larger peers but at a fraction of the costs. HedgeFlows is a uniquely simple, effective way to improve cashflow visibility in any currency for a business of any size.

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Management reports

Historical performance and early warnings

Provide your customers with an easy-to-follow performance and benchmarking analysis for their foreign currency management. Identify areas for improvement, demonstrate and quantify potential benefits, backed by customer-specific data.
Help clients protect their hard-earned profits with timely risk reports and automated alerts.

Empowered by data

No more tedious reporting and reconciliations

Whether it is a direct connection to a popular accounting system or a simple CSV upload, we leverage the data your clients already have. Our system gives you the right reports in seconds so that you and your team don't have to do it manually for hours.

Who We Are

Expert risk-management support

We have run financial markets divisions in major international banks, advised 100s of corporate and institutional clients about their financial risks. Our clients can leverage our cutting-edge technology and also lean on our expertise for extra help.

Benefits for your clients

up to
Boost to profits

Turn any future contract or cashflow back to one’s home currency with a simple click

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Time savings

Remove double-entries, reconciliations and manual errors for any foreign transaction

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Extra growth

Safely grow and trade in any currency without fluctuations in profits and cashflows

How it works

Simple, smart way to manage your currencies

1. Connect to your data

Connect to your cloud accounting systems in seconds or simply upload a CSV file

2. Harness it to predict your needs

We analyse past performance, your future cashflows, and identify currency risks

3. Get actionable insights

Get clear, timely insights and expert tips to manage currency risks

4. Book guaranteed rates in advance

Creating a higher spacing for people through a unique campaigns.

5. Pay or collect when ready

Simply pay or collect any currency, converting it at the guaranteed rates you've prebooked.

6. Sync with your systems

We automatically update and reconcile all payments, rates and charges so you don't have to

Flexible pricing plans

Our plans are also easy to use: Try any plan for free. Switch monthly up or down. Cancel any time.


Simple, flexible plan for currency planning and payments


  • Read-only connection to Sage50 or Xero
  • Basic cashflow & risk reports
  • Book guaranteed FX rates months in advance
  • 0.40% exchange fee
  • 50 free local payments
  • £5 - SWIFT payments
  • 1 user
  • CSV file uploads
Sign up for free

Basic monthly

Helps small finance teams automate their currency payments and reconciliations


  • Full accounting integration
  • Live risk reports
  • Global business account in 2 currencies
  • Bulk currency payments
  • 0.35% exchange fee
  • 100 free local payments
  • £5 - SWIFT payments
  • CSV file uploads
  • 1 user
Try us free for 3 months

Custom monthly

Your custom plan fully tailored to your business needs

£99 - 250

  • Full accounting integration
  • Additional ERP/TMS integration
  • Live risk reports
  • Management reports
  • Global business account in 5 currencies
  • Bulk currency payments
  • 0.30% exchange fee or better
  • 500 free local payments
  • £5 - SWIFT payments
  • 2-5 users
Try us free for 3 months
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