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Wholesalers & retailers

Multi-currency business account that protects your profit margins

Never miss an opportunity to secure and grow your profit margins when you pay your international suppliers. When you make currency payments with your bank, you may be incurring hidden exchange fees and making poorly-timed decisions. As currencies often move several per cent a week, making more intelligent decisions can save a few per cent per order, doubling profit margins for some businesses.

HedgeFlows is an online platform that offers retail currency solutions to save time and improve profit margins.


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Safe, simple cashflows in any currency

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Exchange rates that work for your business

All business owners work tirelessly to get their costs down by finding and negotiating with their suppliers. We help you lower the amounts you pay for your currency invoices.  Decide on the exchange rate you need to meet your budget targets and we will monitor it for you and let you prebook for future payments.

We help you make informed decisions

With our platform you know you are in control - we give you clear, unbiased information about how attractive rates and how much they can move.  Whether you like the rates now or have a target for your budget rate - you can track and book the rates that work for you and your business.

We remove 80% of your payments admin

We don't simply automate your currency flows, we simplify them. Our prebooked exchange allows you to use one rate for as many payments as you need.  And if you no longer need it - we simply cancel the balance.  Say good bye to bulk uploads and dynamic hedging.


Our plans are also easy to use: Try any plan for free. Switch monthly up or down. Cancel any time.


Simple pay-as-you-go plan for currency planning and payments

/ mo

  • Read-only connection to Sage50 or Xero
  • Basic cashflow & risk reports
  • Book guaranteed FX rates months in advance
  • 0.40% exchange fee
  • 50 free local payments
  • £5 - SWIFT payments
  • 1 user
  • CSV file uploads
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Helps small finance teams automate their currency payments and reconciliations

/ mo

  • Full accounting integration
  • Live risk reports
  • Global business account in 2 currencies
  • Bulk currency payments
  • 0.35% exchange fee
  • 100 free local payments
  • £5 - SWIFT payments
  • CSV file uploads
  • 1 user
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Your custom plan fully tailored to your business needs

£99 - 250
/ mo

  • Full accounting integration
  • Additional ERP/TMS integration
  • Live risk reports
  • Management reports
  • Global business account in 5 currencies
  • Bulk currency payments
  • 0.30% exchange fee or better
  • 500 free local payments
  • £5 - SWIFT payments
  • 2-5 users
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